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Refund Policy

If a student withdraws from his/her courses at the university, he/she may receive reduction of tuition based upon the following schedule. The reduction shall be calculated from the date on which application for withdrawal is processed. The University shall follow federally mandated refund schedules as they apply. Non-attendance of classes does not constitute an official withdrawal or drop.

Fall/Spring Refund Schedule

First day of classes 100%
Day 2 thru end of first week 90%
Second and third week 50%
Fourth thru seventh week 25%
Remainder of semester 0%

Summer Refund Schedule

1 – 3 days 80%
4 – 6 days 50%
7 – 9 days 25%
After 9 days 0%

Financial aid recipients receiving refunds will have their refunds returned to the proper aid accounts as determined by the Student Financial Services Office pursuant to Federal guidelines. The prescribed order of refund distribution is to FFEL programs, Federal Perkins Loan program, Federal Pell Grant Program, and to other Student Financial Aid Programs.