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Identification Card Policy

All students and university employees must obtain an official identification card from Parking and Card Services. The TU ID Card must be carried at all times when on campus and presented to University officials upon request. Anyone who fails or refuses to show their card may be asked to leave the campus. While this requirement may seem restrictive, it is designed to serve the needs of all members of the campus community.

TU ID Cards

TU ID Cards are required for admission to the University libraries, computer labs, fitness center and residence halls, for access to many campus activities, and for check cashing identification at the business office.

TU ID Cards can also be used as a cash card on campus for purchase of food and other items.

Lost, Stolen and Damaged Cards

Please report lost or stolen cards to Parking and Card Services located in Fisher Hall. A $15 fee is charged to replace your TU ID card.

Card Status

TU ID Cards are not transferable and are void upon interruption or termination of enrollment/employment with the university.

Caring for Your TU ID Card

Your card uses three types of technology. The card has a barcode on the back for use in the library, a magnetic swipe on the back for your meal plan and Hurricane Gold accounts, and a proximity antenna for campus door access. It is important to follow some simple steps to insure the operation of your ID card as replacement costs $15.

Do not punch a hole in the card to carry it on a chain. If you want a hole punched in the card, please bring it to Parking and Card Services and let the staff punch the hole in the correct location to avoid damage to the circuitry of the card.

Do not use your ID card as an ice scraper; it will damage the circuitry for the proximity array and also possibly break the card.

Do not wash and/or dry your ID card; it will make the card brittle and easy to break.

Do not run a magnet across the magnetic strip.

Do not expose the card to extreme temperatures.

For additional information regarding your ID card, please visit Parking/Card Services, Fisher Hall or call 918-631-3360.