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Visitor Parking

The University of Tulsa provides designated visitor parking for guests visiting campus. The Parking Map displays the lots reserved for visitors.

A visitor is anyone who needs to visit campus and park a vehicle for up to 10 days that is not enrolled in classes or employed by the university. If a vehicle is being to used to transport a student to or from class, or an employee to or from work, regardless of driver, it is not considered a visitor vehicle.

Visitors are expected to observe all traffic signs and regulations. If a visitor receives a traffic citation for not having a permit, the visitor should sign the citation and drop it in any mailbox so that the records can be verified and cleared. Citations issued to registered vehicles (whether displaying a parking permit or not) cannot be signed by a visitor.

Temporary Permits

Visitors on campus 10 or more days, but less than 30 days, will need to acquire a temporary parking permit. Temporary permits for unregistered vehicles are available from the Office of Parking & Card Services at no cost. Temporary permits are issued for no more than two (2) weeks. Temporary permits cannot be used to avoid vehicle registration.

Permits for Short Courses, Workshops, Conference Meetings and Other Visitors

Anyone attending short courses, workshops or meetings will have parking arranged by the department hosting the course. Due to limited parking availability, shuttle parking may be the only option. Shuttle buses run regularly from these lots. The parking fee for these vehicles is $1 for each day the permit is to be used, a maximum fee of $10 per permit. This fee may be assessed with other costs for the course or workshop.