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The couple may select a photographer of their choice. It will be important to include the photographer in planning when the wedding pictures should be taken, and what amount of time should be allowed. For example, if wedding pictures are to be taken immediately after the ceremony, time should be allowed for the guests to leave the sanctuary and at least one half hour must be allowed for the photography. And, some time should be allotted to remove gifts, clothing, and all remaining personal property from the building. It is therefore recommended that the wedding begin no later than one and one half hours from the start of the three-hour time period.

Any flash pictures should be taken before and after the ceremony. Please use existing light only during the wedding service, to minimize disruptions. Video cameras may be stationed in the balcony and on either side of the chancel area. The camera in the chancel area should be on a stationary tripod to avoid movement that might distract from the ceremony.