Organizations and clubs help students find their home at TU

When attending The University of Tulsa, the student life experience involves more than what happened in the classroom, research lab or library. While pursuing a degree, there are countless opportunities to participate in extra activities, discover new hobbies, refine professional skills and create friendships. TU has more than 180 student organizations on campus that offer a wide variety of activities for any student with any passion.

Getting started with SA

Maddie Pickett, a biochemistry major and current president of TU’s Student Association (SA) explains that when she stepped foot on campus she wanted to meet as many people as she could. “I was really looking for those authentic connections,” she explained.

She found friends and purpose through her SA leadership role. SA oversees the development and operations of organizations at TU where students can explore their interests. “We are able to provide financial support and assist with events to help clubs pursue their own missions, which contributes to greater diversity on campus,” Pickett said.

With many options to choose from, there is a club for everyone, whether it be preprofessional or an opportunity to have fun and meet new friends. Organizations like MADE at TU (Make a Difference Engineering), TUTV Media Lab, Association of International Students and even a ballroom dancing club can enrich students and their college experience. “Students should be involved because it builds that gap between coming from home and going to college. There really is a home for everyone and finding those groups of people on campus that share a common interest, major or faith helps to create the community that is here at TU,” Pickett stated.

SA and other campus organizations sponsor one of the largest annual events on campus, Springfest. The event includes a theme, free food and fun activities and most often is held the week between spring break and finals. Springfest has also featured acts like Imagine Dragons, Panic at The Disco and Ben Rector for both TU students and the city of Tulsa to attend.

International involvement

The president of the Association of International Students (AIS) and chemical engineering major Inyang Tobby explained that she joined the organization to represent international students on campus. “You get to meet awesome people by being involved on campus and you can also add it to your résumé,” she said.

AIS creates cultural awareness at TU and in Tulsa by hosting events such as International Bazaar and International night. International Bazaar is an event that showcases and demonstrates some of the characteristics of cultural groups across campus. The unique event includes a taste of traditional foods from different countries and performances at International Night.
TU students can learn more about other countries and cultures through organizations such as the Malaysian Student Association (MASA), La Tertulia (Spanish club) and German club.

Strengthening skills

Not only have I developed better communication skills, but I have also learned how to better work in groups and manage my time effectively,”Between studying, homework and spending time with friends and family, there can be a lot to balance, but nursing student Carol Coffman manages her time wisely as a member of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and University Ambassadors. Every Wednesday, RUF hosts a casual largeg roup worship service to connect students through songs and bible discussion.
“The leadership role I am in with RUF has helped me both professionally and academically. Not only have I developed better communication skills, but I have also learned how to better work in groups and manage my time effectively,” she explained. “Time management is key in college and joining these organizations has allowed me to fine-tune this skill.”

Campus opportunities

University Ambassadors are the official hosts of TU’s campus. They work in conjunction with the Office of Admission by giving campus tours, serving as guides during official TU visit programs and helping prospective students find their fit at TU. Learn more about these students’ organizations. ( link)

Joining an organization at TU will not only expand a student’s skillset but also create connections that last a lifetime. “One thing I have always admired about TU is the close-knit community,” Coffman explained.

TU clubs and organizations are a manifestation of this. You are not only known in an organization, but you are empowered to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

To get involved with a club on campus:
• Download the connect TU app for updates on campus and upcoming events.
• Check out Student Association’s website to find a club for you or to start one.
• Attend the activities fair held each year at the beginning of the fall semester.