TU’s three-phase plan to reopen campus is based on public health recommendations and implemented with the utmost concern for the wellbeing of our students, employees and visitors. It is designed to mitigate risks related to COVID-19 and can be adjusted to meet university and community needs. Stay updated on COVID-19 news.

We are delighted to add another student to the TU family, and we welcome parents and families to university events. We understand that parents and guardians want the best for their student and that they have questions and concerns of their own. We’re here to assist and support families in any way.

COVID-19 News

During this time, we want to keep you informed so you can make important decisions surrounding your health and safety. We have gathered information about distance learning, news, financial support and frequently asked questions. If you have health concerns, there are various campus and external resources available.

  • Parent & Family Association

    The TU Parent & Family Association (commonly called TUPFA) exists to help parents and families stay informed about life at The University of Tulsa, to create an opportunity for parents to connect with students and the campus, and to provide support for families as they go through their own transitions with a student away at college.

    TUPFA is run by volunteers who are parents and families of current TU students, and who work closely with the professional staff in New Student Programs and Services, especially focusing on the early years of student transition into the campus community.

    We would like to encourage both new and returning parents to become active in the TU Parent and Family Association. You will have the chance to build relationships with other TU parents, stay informed about campus life, and maybe even offer support to other parents and families as they send their student to TU.

    Quick ways to learn about TUPFA include:

  • Parent & Family Orientation

    Starting college isn’t just a new challenge for students, it is also a time of new experiences and questions for parents and families. In conjunction with StartTU (New Student Orientation), the office of New Student Programs and Services offers an afternoon of orientation and programs for parents and families of new TU students.

    This year we will feature a special welcome and experience for parents and families to mark the transition into the TU community. While details are still in development, the experience will be available to families the same day as their students’ move-in appointment, with additional times made available for families of students who will commute.

    Please reach out to the Office of New Student Programs at 918-631-2707 or parents@utulsa.edu with any questions.

  • Parent & Family Day

    Information about our annual Parent and Family Day, which is held in conjunction with the annual Homecoming festivities is still in development.

    Information will be posted in the TUPFA Facebook page (no Facebook membership is necessary) as well on this web page as we get closer to October. Additional questions are welcome by phone at 918-631-2707, or by email at parents@utulsa.edu.

  • Academic Resources
  • Financial Resources

    A TU degree is a valuable investment, and we are committed to helping your family determine the best way to pay for your student’s education.

  • Student Life Resources