Welcome Messages - The University of Tulsa

Welcome Messages

The University of Tulsa is excited to welcome your student and your family into our community. The transition to college is challenging, and we want to provide as much support as possible during this time.

Below, you will find a selection of helpful videos as you begin your family’s academic journey at The University of Tulsa.

Welcome from the Provost

Hear from acting Provost Tracy Manly as she welcomes the class of 2024 to The University of Tulsa. Provost Manly encourages every student to fully engage in the unique community at TU, and she provides an introduction to the resources at your disposal to help you thrive.


Together we can thrive

Theresa Nichols, President of the TU Parent and Family Association, and her daughter Faith Nichols, a senior and President of the Student Association share their story of becoming part of the TU family. They’ve been where you are, and they’ve done what you are about to do. They talk about the importance of making connections and offer practical ways to get involved.


Let’s take care of each other

Your first fall semester will no doubt be challenging, but Dr. Michael McClendon, Executive Director of Health and Wellness, offers advice on how to succeed by taking care of your mental health and well-being. Dr. McClendon also has your first homework assignment, so listen closely! And he offers advice to parents on how to stay connected with your student during the semester.


Mental Well-being Preparedness Plan (PDF)


Making the most of the college experience

We can do hard things. That’s the mantra Dr. Mandy Moore, Executive Director of the Student Success Team, wants your student to live by this semester. Mandy discusses how important it is for your student to learn to ask for help. She asks families to write a letter to their students to aid in their success.