Bike Regulations

Bicycle Registrations

All students, faculty and staff must register their bicycle with the university and obtain a registration sticker. Visit Parking Services to get a FREE registration sticker to attach to your bike. The registration sticker must be attached and displayed on the main frame below the seat post.


Bicycle registrations are valid indefinitely. If you have previously registered, still own a bicycle displaying a TU bike permit, registration continues to be honored. Registrations are not transferable. Registration of your bike helps campus security help you in the event that your bike is stolen.

Any bike parked on TU campus not displaying a sticker and properly registered may be impounded by Campus Security or the Hurricane Bike Shop. Bikes without registration stickers that are impounded are considered abandoned, and if not claimed within 6 months, will be donated to Tulsa Hub.

Yellow Bike Program

TU’s trademark yellow bicycles are loaned to students, faculty and staff free of charge for a semester and may be ridden on or off campus. To check out a bike, riders must complete an application with the Hurricane Bike Shop. All Yellow Bike Program participants receive a free helmet and lock.

Visit TU Rider Network (TURN) for more information about bikes on campus.