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Online Registration

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Through the on-line process, you will be able to secure a permit by following the instructions provided, uploading the required documents for verification and submitting your payment. You may receive assistance in completing your on-line Registration in person at the Parking & Card Services Office during University Business Hours of Monday – Friday (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) excluding University Holidays. Tips for preparing in advance:

  • Login – Have your TU ID Number, TU Username and Password.
  • Documents to Verify – Copy, scan to your computer or flash drive, and save in PDF format your Valid Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance; or bring them with you when registering in the office. For questions, you can also visit our Youtube playlist​ or videos related to the Parking Permitting process.
  • Vehicle Information – Have with you the year, make, model, color, and license plate number
  • Method of Payment – Have with you the method of payment. Forms of payment accepted on-line are credit cards or electronic checks. Or, University employees may select “Payroll Deduction”; students may elect to charge their Bursar Account. When registering in person at the office, cash and checks are also accepted.
  • Address – Enter your complete USPS (United States Postal Service) address, including the Building Name (if applicable) and Zip Code.
  • Lot Selection – Determine more than one acceptable lot to select. The availability of spaces in a desired lot is limited and contingent upon the number remaining at the time of Registration.
  • Confirmations – Are available in different formats. Save copies and e-mail verifications. On occasion, e-mails received may be located in your “Bulk Mail” or “Junk Folder”.

Uploaded Documents: You will not receive a written confirmation. You may print or save a screen shot of the completed page and/or contact to confirm receipt if you so choose. However, the Parking & Card Services Office e-mails individuals if the upload is missing current/valid information.

Completed Registrations: You will receive an e-mail from the T2 site confirming your Registration has been received and listing your lot assignment.

​Receipt of Payments: You will receive an e-mail from The University’s payment service site indicating your payment details.


  • Lost or Damaged Parking Permits

    Lost parking decals may require the purchase of a new permit without any guarantee of retaining the same parking lot assignment as the one that was previously designated. Any new parking lot choice is made based on the availability of spaces in the authorized lots at the time of purchase.

    Damaged permits are to be replaced at the Parking & Card Services Office. If there is a sufficient portion of the parking decal removed and returned for identification purposes, the replacement may be at no charge.

  • Maintaining Your Registration Account

    ​During the term for which you registered, you may have changed your personal contact information or vehicles, or needed to replace expired documents. It’s important to update your account, which can occur any time throughout the year but does not constitute as a Registration for the following term.

  • Temporary Permits for Current Permit Holders

    As a short-term courtesy for current permit holders’ guests, Temporary Permits for Unregistered Vehicles are available from the Parking & Card Services Office at no cost. Temporary Permits are issued for a period to not exceed two (2) weeks. Temporary Permits cannot be used in place of the Vehicle Registration Process.