Justin Owen Rawlins, Ph.D. - The University of Tulsa
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Justin Owen Rawlins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Film Studies


Justin Rawlins, Ph.D., is a professor of media studies and film studies, and the author of “Imagining the Method” (University of Texas Press, 2024). His research peels back the layers of screen cultures to elucidate the ideological work that screen texts (e.g., films, TV programs, performers, famous figures) do as they radiate out of the culture industries and circulate through social networks formal (e.g., Hollywood studio exhibition and promotion) and informal (e.g., audience practices). Professor Rawlins is interested in how people—from producers to fans—make use of media in their everyday lives, their sense of the world and the communities around them, and their sense of themselves.


  • Ph.D., Indiana University Bloomington
    Dissertation: “Method Men: Race, gender and performance style in US culture 1922-1957”
  • M.A., Indiana University

Research interests and areas of expertise

  • Reception studies
  • Audiences and fans
  • Media history
  • Screen cultures
  • Film/television acting and actors
  • Stardom and celebrity
  • Arctic media
  • Media and the environment
  • Cultural history
  • Media production