Living and learning online - The University of Tulsa

Living and learning online

By: Adam Porterie

As I wrap up my seventh week at The University of Tulsa, I feel grateful to have undertaken this whole college experience while still at home. Initially, I expected to become just overwhelmed with assignments and stress as my learning would take place entirely online, and that college was just going to overall be too much for me.

This has turned out to be just me being in my own head, as I’ve found a routine that works best for me. Staying home in these weeks has opened up opportunities for me to develop some cooking skills and reconnect with friends.

Adam and his friend Abigail dining outdoors at Greenville Street Tacos in Dallas
Me and my friend Abigail at Greenville Street Tacos

My first week of online learning I spent glued to my various syllabi trying to ensure I wouldn’t miss a thing. I remember spending my first Friday night color-coding my whiteboard to my different classes and then noting every exam and project with its due date just so I could be sure about everything. This may or may not have been excessive. But, hey, whatever works, you know.

With my schedule under control, I decided to join in on some of the various career and interview prep meetings hosted by the Collins College of Business. Throughout the employer spotlights and showcases, I picked up on some really useful interview tips for upcoming virtual interviews; such as, the importance of lighting over a Zoom call and how much asking a question at the end of an interview will make you stand out.

My life offline

During my time away from my laptop, I’m in my kitchen cooking new foods or out trying new foods with my friend Abigail. We go out weekly or either Fridays or Saturdays to sample the variety of cuisines offered in Dallas. This past week, we went to Greenville Street Tacos, which had some of the best salsa and tacos I’ve had in years. These weekly outings undoubtedly have become the highlight of my weeks, simply because I never truly knew how great the food is in Dallas.

Homemade rectangular pizza
The first pizza I ever made!

On the budgeting side of things, when I’m not out having a life-changing experience with tacos I’ve found that cooking is another great way for me to destress during my week. A few weeks ago, for my first time ever, I made pizza dough from scratch that was just delicious. This time that I’ve remained home has graciously given me an abundance of free time to just do things I enjoy.

Overall, this past couple of months with a whole new college experience have been very enjoyable for me. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds.

Adam Porterie wearing a blue open-collar shirt while standing outdoors next to the oceanAdam Porterie is from Forney, Texas. He is majoring in business management with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Adam loves making music and exploring new hobbies.