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Preparing for Your Career While in School

College is meant to equip students with the skills, the knowledge, and the preparation to enter the workforce. The foundation built while in school allows you to launch yourself in the right career and acquire the skills that companies are looking for from future employees. Take advantage of all the resources that college offers and prepare yourself. Here’s how to get the most out of your time in school.

Visit Career Services

Don’t wait until your last days in college to finally visit Career Services. This is an incredible resource that helps students choose majors, find internships, prep for interviews, apply with companies, and prepare for careers. They can help you add real-world experience to your resume which is what companies are looking for when they seek new hires.

Know Yourself

Are you a good fit for a company? You should know. Make sure you are taking the time to assess your skills, values, and what actually interests you. All of these things influence your career decisions. Taking this time allows you to be prepared for interviews and making sure your resume reflects who you are. Knowing yourself will help in choosing majors, internships, and applying for jobs.

Start Thinking About Careers Now

Don’t wait until graduation day to start thinking about the workforce. That day will come a lot quicker than you think and you need to be ready when it does. Do you know which jobs you qualify for after you graduate? How about which internships you need to go through or which major is ideal? These are questions you need to be asking Day One. Career Services can help you plan a career path and make sure you utilize your time wisely in school. They can help you gain the right experiences and start receiving the proper skills to be ready.

Get Experience

Companies don’t just look at grades. Studies show they want to hire employees with experience. Because of this, it’s crucial for students to start gaining experience while they’re in school. Participate in internships, get involved in mentoring programs, and seek out industry-based experiences. Find things to participate in that are related to your chosen career.

Be Professional

Whether it’s an internship, an industry activity, or a mentoring program, be professional. Everywhere you go you have an opportunity to add to your reputation. You don’t know who is connected to who. Treat everyone with respect, work hard, and always be professional. This will add to your overall success.

Get the Most Out of College

Take advantage of the time you have in college. Learn everything you can and utilize the free resources provided by the school, because someday, they won’t be free. College gives you the opportunity to really enhance your skills and position yourself for success. Don’t waste it. Using all that college has to offer can increase your earning potential and launch you into an ideal career.