President-elect Brad Carson - The University of Tulsa
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Welcome President-elect  

On April 5, 2021, The University of Tulsa Board of Trustees selected Brad Carson to be TU’s 21st president. President-elect Carson begins his term as president on July 1, 2021.

Brad Carson

“TU is one of the intellectual treasures of our nation, and I am grateful to the Board of Trustees and the Presidential Search Committee for providing me the opportunity to serve this great institution. In a real way, TU is as much an idea as an institution: a pact between the past, with its glorious achievements, and the future, with its attendant possibilities. I am particularly excited about the new strategic plan and the great opportunities it contains.”

Brad Carson, President-elect

Provost Janet Levit

“I am thrilled that TU will have Brad Carson as its next president. He understands TU’s culture and values and is an innovative and collaborative leader. I am confident he will help lead TU to greater successes.”

Janet Levit, TU Interim President

Marcia Macleod

“Brad Carson’s entire career as a public servant, professor, counselor and leader embodies a commitment to excellence and demonstrates that leading and learning are always his primary focus.”

Marcia MacLeod, TU Trustee and Chair of Presidential Search Committee

Dana Weber, TU Board of Trustees

“Brad Carson has demonstrated his ability to competently lead complex organizations through change and will work alongside faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees and our broader TU community to bring our strategic plan to fruition.”

Dana Weber, Chair, TU Board of Trustees

“Brad Carson is an exceptional choice to lead the University of Tulsa as its next president. Throughout his distinguished career, Brad has been committed to serving the people of our state and nation, demonstrated most notably through his years of service in Congress, his roles at the Pentagon, and while in uniform. His distinction as a leader and a public servant will guide TU and its students forward. I wish Brad my sincerest congratulations, and I join many others in welcoming him and his wife, Julie, back home to Oklahoma.”

Dr. John Schumann, OU-Tulsa President

“The University of Tulsa has made a terrific selection in Brad Carson. His experience in public service and leadership coupled with his deep commitment to outstanding teaching and learning make him particularly well-suited to this role. He will be missed at UVA, but I heartily congratulate the Tulsa community on their new president.”

Jim Ryan, University of Virginia President

“Professor Carson’s contributions as an educator, a policy practitioner and a leader have enriched the Batten community enormously. He designed and taught innovative classes that many students considered transformative. Brad is a devoted teacher and colleague who will be missed at Batten even as we congratulate the University of Tulsa on a wonderful choice of new president.”

Ian Solomon, Batten School Dean

“Faculty and students alike admire Professor Carson’s distinguished record of leadership and public service. Since his arrival in 2018, he has helped hundreds of Batten students make sense of the complicated world of leadership and public policy through writing, critical thinking, debate and active learning. While this is exceptional news for Professor Carson and the University of Tulsa, we will miss Brad at the Batten School.”

Jay Shimshack, Batten School Associate Dean for Academic Affairs