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Faculty Athletics Representative

Dr. Christopher Anderson

anderson_chrisFollowing his appointment by University President Steadman Upham in Spring 2008, Dr. Christopher L. Anderson became the Faculty Athletics Representative at The University of Tulsa in July 2008.

A member of the TU faculty since 1990, Dr. Anderson holds the title of Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature in the Department of Languages. Although he has published articles on novels of various periods of Spanish literature, beginning with Don Quijote and continuing through the Franco era, he has more recently concentrated on the works of the Valencian Vicente Blasco Ibáñez (1867-1928), about which he has written or co-written two books and various articles. He is also the associate editor of the Valencia-based journal, Estudios sobre Blasco Ibáñez.

The FAR at The University of Tulsa is an objective faculty voice independent of Athletics who is appointed by the University President. He/she is a tenured member of the TU faculty, with the rank of Associate or (Full) Professor. He/she is responsible for monitoring Athletics, with special concern for academic integrity, institutional control, and student-athlete welfare.

On-Campus Responsibilities

  • is responsible with the University Registrar for certifying the eligibility of student-athletes;
  • reviews rules compliance and eligibility certification procedures;
  • reviews and signs appeals and requests for waivers of NCAA or conference regulations;
  • conducts or participates in the investigation of possible major violations of same;
  • is notified of secondary rules violations and is involved in the investigation of major violations;
  • requests interpretations of NCAA rules;
  • administers Coaches Certification exams for recruitment purposes;
  • serves on the Athletics Compliance Committee;
  • serves on Athletics search committees, as requested by the President or the Director of Athletics (AD);
  • recommends policies and procedures to the President, the Director of Athletics (AD), and other Athletics personnel regarding academic and athletics issues;
  • chairs the Faculty Athletics Board;
  • serves on the Title IX Committee;
  • serves on the Steering Committee for Athletics certification;
  • hears student-athletes’ appeals of various types and acts in accordance with procedures found in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • has access to budgetary information regarding athletics;
  • has access to information regarding admission of student-athletes (including special admits), as requested;
  • prepares independent reports on academic issues, as appropriate;
  • is conversant in and familiar with NCAA rules and regulations for monitoring and investigative purposes;
  • receives reports and concerns regarding SAs (student-athletes) and Athletics from faculty, SAs, and campus offices;
  • administers NCAA-mandated surveys;
  • participates in professional reviews of individual Athletics programs;

Relationships With Campus Offices And Officers

  • meets regularly with and reports directly to the President;
  • meets regularly with the Director of Athletics and works closely with the SWA, Compliance Officer, and other Athletics personnel;
  • works closely with University Registrar re: continuing elegibility questions;
  • reports to the Faculty Senate, as agreed upon with its President.

Off-Campus Events and Responsibilities (FAR attends):

  • NCAA Rules Seminars;
  • C-USA annual meetings;
  • Annual C-USA FAR meetings;
  • D1AD fall meetings.

Campus Visibility (The FAR should attend):

  • practice, when possible;
  • as many games / matches / meets as his/her schedule allows;
  • TUSAAC meetings;
  • monthly head coaches’ meetings;
  • Board of Trustees Athletics Committee meetings;
  • any advising or academic committee meeting which involves the welfare of student-athletes.