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Presidential Leaders Fellowship develops global innovators

The University of Tulsa has created a new program aimed at preparing students to tackle the world’s toughest problems, and the first student admitted to this inaugural program has been named.

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Last week, Brendon Feliciano of Tulsa accepted an offer from TU President Gerard Clancy to participate in the inaugural class of the Presidential Leaders Fellowship. Clancy has extended offers to many high school seniors from across the country in hopes of creating a group of about 100 dedicated students interested in engaging in philanthropy, project management and social entrepreneurship.

“The Presidential Leaders Fellowship challenges you to do the impossible,” Feliciano said. “The main thing I hope to gain from the program is to learn strategies for solving the problems no one else has been able to solve.”

Feliciano, the grandson of a Cuban immigrant, is interested in studying neuroscience and possibly medicine. “I would like to serve as a role model for Hispanic youth,” he said, adding that he believes TU will give him the opportunity to try new things and make a difference in the lives of others. “I saw a lot of TU students striving to help the community.”

The two-year Presidential Leaders Fellowship seeks to:

  • Prepare a cadre of TU graduates who are skilled in creating a just, humane and creative world
  • Guide freshmen and sophomores to a fulfilling experience at TU, and in doing so, prepare them to be successful leaders in complex environments
  • Facilitate students in their transformation from leadership to philanthropy, with the ability to give of themselves and their talents
  • Aid students in developing specific skills, including:
    • Understanding complexity
    • Becoming self-aware regarding personal strengths
    • Becoming social entrepreneurs who can implement solutions to societal, cultural or environmental issues
    • Producing effective work in team settings
    • Mastering project management; learning how to get things done in complex environments

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