TU featured in The Princeton Review’s Best 386 Colleges

The University of Tulsa has again been listed in The Princeton Review’s guidebook The Best 386 Colleges. Only 13% of the four-year colleges in the United States are included.

Since 1992, many students and parents have used The Best 386 Colleges to inform the college decision-making process. This annual publication draws on survey results from 143,000 students nationwide who were asked to rate their schools on admissions-related topics. Subjects include accessibility of professors, student services, campus culture, student life and academic programs.

TU is consistently recognized for small class sizes across all of its colleges as well as for the abundance of tenured faculty who mentor students in their fields of study. These aspects of a TU education help to engage students and empower them to flourish. According to one TU student quoted in the publication, “many of my professors frequently invite students to their office hours and remind us of their availability. . . . [It’s clear they] care about my academic experience, career readiness, and about me as a person.”

This year’s edition of The Best 386 Colleges also notes that TU proved resilient during the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020, while learning and growing toward new approaches in 2021. This included waiving the requirement for freshman applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores.

From academics to college life and even the student body, many facets of TU are explored in The Best 386 Colleges. TU is also regularly listed in The Princeton Review’s guide for additional distinctions, including top law school, best undergraduate school at which to study computer gaming and outstanding institution of higher learning. The university’s inclusion in this popular publication will help bring standout undergraduate applicants for years to come.

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