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Programs in Arts, Culture & Entertainment Management

Apply your unique, enterprising skills to the dynamic creative industry and connect arts and artists with their community.

Our interdisciplinary Arts, Culture & Entertainment (ACE) management program focuses on comprehensive business operations in arts, culture, and entertainment, granting insight into an incredibly diverse industry with infinite professional possibilities. You can tailor your studies to suit your interests and choose from our four specializations: visual arts, performing arts, entertainment and commercial arts, and cultural and public administration.

You will learn to advocate for and manage artists and creative events, raise funds, develop inspirational programming for arts organizations, and more. With an emphasis on practical learning, our expert faculty will further advise you on various exciting opportunities such as international practica, semester-long internships, and field trips imperative for launching your careers.

80% Success Rate for ACE Management Graduates

12 Average Class Size

#1 National Merit Scholars Per Capita

100% First-Year Students Have Financial Aid

Professional Opportunities

Building on your theoretical classroom knowledge, you’ll enhance your communication and collaborative skills through various hands-on experiences. These include a fully funded London internship exclusive to ACE management and an ACE experience course for majors. You’ll meet industry professionals in these programs, network, participate in community events, and more. UTulsa alumni have found employment at prestigious organizations such as 108 Contemporary, Tulsa Symphony, Aspen Music Festival, and the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture.

Job opportunities:

  • Social media director
  • Artist agent
  • Concert promoter
  • Fundraising director
  • Director of cultural affairs
  • Music venue manager 

Corey Taylor: Business and the arts

Driven by experiential learning and community collaboration, the ACE management program at 101 E. Archer has recently expanded to include the music industry. Corey Taylor (BSBA ’21), a former running back with the Cleveland Browns and co-founder of Tayburn Music, is the program’s first music industry professional in residence. Taylor is passionate about Tulsa’s music scene and excited about 101 E. Archer’s potential. Taylor says, “I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the brilliant advances UTulsa is making to foster a truly innovative space for creatives.”

ACE Specializations

Visual Arts

Students interested in managing galleries, museums, creative studios, artists, art education, and more.

Performing Arts

Students interested in the management of dance, theatre, orchestra, opera, musicians, performers, and more.

Cultural & Public Administration

Students interested in the management of cultural institutions, non-profits, community organizations, grassroots initiatives, and social justice.

Entertainment & Commercial Arts

Students interested in the management of media, film, music and entertainment industries, and for-profit organizations.

Beyond the Classroom

    • Set the stage for lifelong learning and success.

      Learning is an individualized journey that extends far beyond a major or the walls of a classroom. By completion of all experiential learning courses and structured internships, students will have completed the equivalent of having worked full time for an entire semester. Factored in this time is the ability to work with our top-tier, community-recognized ACE Associates senior consulting cohort.


    • Make your UTulsa experience as rich and diverse as you like.

      Our students gather regularly for community events just for ACE Management majors, hear from guest speakers, and enjoy exclusive trips and behind-the-scenes activities. They graduate as a strong and connected cohort, supporting each other and working with their faculty mentors. From international clubs, music groups, and intramural sports to Greek life, student government, and on-campus leadership, there’s truly something for everyone at UTulsa. Our multi-faceted extracurricular options perfectly complement our multidisciplinary academic approach.

      Student Organizations

    • Be the change you want to see.

      UTulsa encourages students to give back to the community and see societal problems differently. In considering issues ranging from low income to racial biases, students analyze the intricacies of cyclical social issues to gain broader perspectives and insights, which they can share with others and act on in the community.


    • Pursue success with confidence — backed by UTulsa's job placement guarantee.

      UTulsa is committed to our students’ professional success, which is why our Center for Career Development, aka CaneCareers, offers a job placement guarantee program. We promise that students who follow the program will land an entry-level job in their chosen field or continue their education within six months of graduation, or we’ll give them a free semester of grad school.