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Programs in Media Studies

Engage with the realms of digital media as an ever-evolving phenomenon by becoming critical viewers and creative doers.

As an undergraduate major, you will prepare for the 21st-century multimedia world, combining invaluable coursework and hands-on experience that seamlessly blends media theory and history, creative production, PR and advertising, journalism, and omnichannel storytelling.

Acknowledging our increasingly visually dominated culture, TU’s transdisciplinary programs examine effective communication and the role of mass media as our chief source of information and entertainment. Unified by the commitment to critically and creatively engage the digital realms and its methodologies, our dedicated faculty fosters the development of your analytic skills and visual literacy, compelling writing, and effective speech to prepare you for a wide range of versatile professional opportunities.

100% Success Rate for TU Media Graduates

$100K+ Annual Median Pay for Art Directors

12 Average Class Size

#1 National Merit Scholars

Professional Opportunities

TU media student.

Our students hone their critical analysis and storytelling skills to become compelling communicators and successful creative directors. Media studies majors may specialize in any number of professional roles in digital media, public relations, advertising, journalism, and production, gaining first-hand experience via our university newspaper, The Collegian, or the student-run TUTV Media Lab. TU alumni enjoy successful careers at Coca-Cola, The Gathering Place, The City of Tulsa, JNA Advertising, and Byers Creative.

Job opportunities:

  • Marketing specialist
  • Creative director
  • Media planner
  • Copywriter
  • Reporter

Beyond the Classroom

    • Set the stage for lifelong learning and success.

      Learning is an individualized journey that extends far beyond a major or the walls of a classroom. TU’s Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning (OIEL) provides opportunities for scholars to enliven their studies through global education, research, scholarship, and interdisciplinary programs. Our real-world academic enrichment opportunities are designed to challenge students and enhance their personal and professional educational experience.


    • Make your TU experience as rich and diverse as you like.

      TU students have abundant opportunities to get involved with clubs and organizations to develop new skills, meet new friends, and make lifetime memories. From international clubs, music groups, and intramural sports to Greek life, student government, and on-campus leadership, there’s truly something for everyone at TU. Our multi-faceted extracurricular options perfectly complement our multidisciplinary academic approach.


    • Be the change you want to see.

      TU encourages students to give back to the community and see societal problems through a different lens. In considering issues ranging from low-income to racial biases, students analyze the intricacies of cyclical social issues to gain broader perspectives and insights, which they can share with others and act on in the community.


    • Pursue success with confidence — backed by TU’s job placement guarantee.

      TU is committed to our students’ professional success, which is why our Center for Career Development, aka CaneCareers, offers a job placement guarantee program. We promise that students who follow the program will land an entry-level job in their chosen field or continue their education within six months of graduation, or we’ll give them a free semester of grad school.


    Learn more about the department

    Welcome to the Department of Media Studies. Our students prepare for careers in the 21st century world of media through invaluable coursework and hands-on experience that blends media theory and history, creative and critical production, public relations and advertising, journalism and multimedia storytelling and other fields.

    Department of Media Studies