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Programs in Political Science

Engage with justice, rights, and the relationship between the state and the individual. Leave your mark by providing practical solutions to paramount public affairs.

Delving into domestic and foreign politics by examining ideas and analyzing governments and political trends, our comprehensive programs focus on three core areas of strength: American politics, international studies, and legal theory. Under the mentorship of our expert faculty, through challenging courses and hands-on research, you will probe political problems and governance from all angles, leading you to develop creative, policy-based solutions. Combining theory and methods to study institutions, systems, and policies that make up public life, TU encourages responsible and active citizenship with a wide range of professional opportunities and career paths to opt for.

100% Success Rate for all Political Science Graduates

$122K+ Annual Median Pay for Political Scientists

6% Job Growth by 2031 (U.S Bureau of Labour & Statistics)

9:1 Student to Faculty Ratio

Professional Opportunities

Kyleigh Gutierrez and Cecilia Gutierrez

Raising questions of ethics and the spirit of democracy, our extensive curriculum prepares graduates for careers in law, international affairs, government agencies and political offices, journalism, teaching, nonprofit activities, corporate strategy, military, and police. TU graduates have been admitted to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, the London School of Economics, Cambridge University, and more. Our alumni find rewarding careers with the U.S. Senate, George Kaiser Foundation, Oklahoma House of Representatives, and The City of Tulsa, to name a few. 

Job opportunities: 

  • Attorney
  • Campaign manager
  • Corporate affairs adviser
  • Congressional office or committee staffer
  • Foreign service officer

Beyond the Classroom

    • Set the stage for lifelong learning and success.

      Learning is an individualized journey that extends far beyond a major or the walls of a classroom. TU’s Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning (OIEL) provides opportunities for scholars to enliven their studies through global education, research, scholarship, and interdisciplinary programs. Our real-world academic enrichment opportunities are designed to challenge students and enhance their personal and professional educational experience.


    • Make your TU experience as rich and diverse as you like.

      TU students have abundant opportunities to get involved with clubs and organizations to develop new skills, meet new friends, and make lifetime memories. From international clubs, music groups, and intramural sports to Greek life, student government, and on-campus leadership, there’s truly something for everyone at TU. Our multi-faceted extracurricular options perfectly complement our multidisciplinary academic approach.


    • Be the change you want to see.

      TU encourages students to give back to the community and see societal problems through a different lens. In considering issues ranging from low-income to racial biases, students analyze the intricacies of cyclical social issues to gain broader perspectives and insights, which they can share with others and act on in the community.


    • Pursue success with confidence — backed by TU’s job placement guarantee.

      TU is committed to our students’ professional success, which is why our Center for Career Development, aka CaneCareers, offers a job placement guarantee program. We promise that students who follow the program will land an entry-level job in their chosen field or continue their education within six months of graduation, or we’ll give them a free semester of grad school.


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    Political Science students focus on political ideas, institutions, and behavior, exploring the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the relationship between people and government. The curriculum covers domestic and foreign political institutions, processes, and problems. Graduates pursue diverse paths, including law, government service, journalism, teaching, and more. TU political science alumni have gained admission to prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Northwestern Law Schools, and others, showcasing the program’s excellence.

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