Tulsa Curriculum Review Committee - The University of Tulsa

Tulsa Curriculum Review Committee


The purpose of the Tulsa Curriculum Review Committee is to undertake a comprehensive review and, if deemed necessary, revision of the University of Tulsa’s general education curriculum. The Tulsa Curriculum, along with requirements for majors and minors, research and study abroad experiences, and co-curricular activities, is an essential element in advancing TU’s mission to promote excellence in scholarship, dedication to free inquiry, integrity of character, and commitment to humanity. This ad hoc committee has been tasked by the Provost to make recommendations and submit their revised curriculum, rationale, and a corresponding plan for assessment and implementation.


The current general education curriculum was last revisited in 2013-14. Guided by a new Strategic Plan, the university is primed to re-evaluate our curriculum so as to align it with our shared values and strategic priorities. With this in mind, the university President and Provost approached the inaugural faculty Leadership Group to propose recommendations for the formation and procedures of such a committee. After conducting research into other similar initiatives at institutions across the country, the Group submitted to the Provost their recommendations, along with a proposed timeline for the work of this committee.


The committee is composed of sixteen faculty representatives drawn from each of the five colleges, three full-time staff members, and three student members. The full committee is listed below.

  • Jennifer Airey, Associate Professor, English
  • Rick Arrington, Assistant Dean, Collins College of Business
  • Sara Beam, Director of the Writing Program and Applied Assistant Professor, English
  • Mark Buchheim, Professor, Biological Science
  • Denise Dutton, Assistant Provost, Director of the Honors Program and Director of the Henneke Center for Academic Fulfillment
  • Lara Foley, Director of TU Global Scholars Program and Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Ryan Hefley, TU alumnus (B.A. A&S) and current student in the Law School
  • Rachel Hildebrand, Clinical Assistant Professor, Athletic Training
  • Carla Lynch, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Marie Moran, Applied Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tyler Moore, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, and Tandy Endowed Assistant Professor of Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • Kristen Oertel, Mary Frances Barnard Professor of 19th-Century American History
  • Kirsten Olds, Associate Professor, Art History
  • Casey Reed, Dean of Undergraduate Admission
  • Robert Spoo, Chapman Distinguished Professor of Law
  • Tracy Suter, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, David and Leslie Lawson Associate Professor in Entrepreneurial Studies
  • David Tingey, Associate Professor, German and Comparative Literature
  • Jeff Van Hanken, Wellspring Associate Professor of Film Studies
  • Monica Varner, Director of University Assessment, ex-officio
  • Ron Walker, Associate Dean, Oxley College of Health Sciences, and Clinical Associate Professor of Athletic Training
  • Brittanie Whitney, student, Collins College of Business
  • Chee Yang (Evan) Ng, student, College of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The committee welcomes input from faculty, staff, current and prospective students, alumni, and employers. Throughout the fall semester, we will be hosting small group feedback sessions.