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At TU, our students’ success is paramount. Our priority is ensuring that each student who matriculates at TU has the supports necessary to graduate in a timely fashion. TU faculty lead student engagement in the classroom and beyond. Our goal is to meet students where they are when they arrive at TU; some have a clear path to the future, while others are just beginning to craft their story. From recruiters and advisers to faculty and myriad student support professionals, our collective project is our students’ success. That is how we live the TU Commitment.

Student Success Blog

What Are Midterm Grades? A Student’s Guide

If you’ve never heard of or had midterm grades, they can sound a little daunting. Midterm grades are a thermometer for your academic performance in classes, or an indication of your academic progress midway through the semester. Midterm grades serve as a reality check so you can determine if the strategies and techniques you have used so far are working. Are you where you want to be […]

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What Are Midterm Grades? A Parent’s Guide

TU Parents and Guardians,   In my 15-year career as a professor and now as TU’s Executive Director of Student Success, I am often asked how parents can help their students succeed in college. The truth for all of us who are in a student’s support network is that only the student can be in the driver’s seat of their educational experience. We all want […]

Video: Midterm Grades: Opportunity for Growth

Professor Amy Schachle explains midterm grades, what they can tell you, how they’re calculated, and the importance of pausing to reflect and reassess your learning so far this semester. 

Video: Intense Study Sessions: How to Organize Your Studying to be More Effective & Efficient

In this video, Dr. Mandy Moore shares a technique to make your study sessions more effective and efficient.

Video: Studying for Science Courses

In this short video, Dr. LeBlanc discusses how to reevaluate your classes and make the science tests less daunting. 

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All About Accommodations

Every semester, students can request accommodations through Student Access. These accommodations can range from extended time on exams, meal plan accommodations, interpreters, notetaking assistance, and more (additional examples listed below.) Here we outline the purpose of accommodations and the process of obtaining them such as how to submit an Accommodation Request Form. It’s never too late to request accommodations, but the earlier you’re […]