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Student Success

At TU, our students’ success is paramount. Our priority is ensuring that each student who matriculates at TU has the support necessary to graduate in a timely fashion. TU faculty lead student engagement in the classroom and beyond. Our goal is to meet students where they are when they arrive at TU; some have a clear path to the future, while others are just beginning to craft their story. From recruiters and advisers to faculty and myriad student support professionals, our collective project is our students’ success.

Student Success Blog

Student Voices: Rage, Race, Religion, and Politics

This piece was written by Breanna McNaughton, who is a Biology Pre-Med Senior, Peer Mentor, and Oklahoma Center for the Humanities student fellow among many other things. It was featured on the OCH Blog on January 28, 2021, “Breanna discusses the divisions she has seen grow in this country over recent years and asks what […]

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“Why You Need a Success Coach” According to Our Students

The philosophy of the student success team is to be caring professionals who engage students in challenging and holistic conversations to help them articulate their goals, problem solve, develop action plans, and provide accountability to enhance their success. When we ask students questions, we are assessing their knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs in eight areas that are shown […]

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Career Coach

Are you unsure if you’ve picked the right major? Do you wonder what career paths your major might lead you to? Have you thought about finding a job that blends your strengths and interests so you will ultimately be fulfilled and happy?  Fortunately, there is a resource at The University of Tulsa that is growing and here for […]

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Tips for Stress Management and Healthy Stress Reduction

This has been such a challenging semester, and we are hearing from students that they feel like their stress levels are at an all-time high, so we reached out to our friends in CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) for help. Dr. Kirsten Robertson has provided us with ideas for healthy ways to manage and reduce stress.  Life […]

Talking to Your Parents (or Important People in Your Life) about Changing Your Major

Preparing for the Conversation  Meet with a Career Coach: If you find yourself questioning your chosen path, schedule an appointment with a Career Coach! They have tools and resources to help you work through your decisions. Self-Reflect: Do an honest assessment of your personal interest and skill/affinity in the major and potential jobs.  Questions to Ask: Am I passionate […]

Housing on campus

Housing Options Over Winter Break

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to travel home for break, and we understand that. Our friends in Housing shared Winter Break information and options for on-campus students: Apartment residents can live in their apartments during all breaks, nothing changes, you don’t have to leave campus for anything. Sorority and Sigma Nu houses will be closed […]