Task Force on Research - The University of Tulsa

Task Force on Research

The Provost’s Task Force on Research is charged with taking a fresh look at TU’s research and scholarly environment. This includes providing data and analysis that helps us better understand the current culture and recommending improvements with the goal of enhancing the faculty experience. The task force will focus on three fundamental questions:

  1. What is the strategy for research and scholarship going forward for The University of Tulsa and how does this fit into the current TU strategic plan?
  2. What is the university structure/organization that best supports this strategy? This includes but is not limited to the role of a health and safety official.
  3. How can the university best help faculty reach their research and scholarly goals (short and long term) and provide appropriate recognition for their achievements?

Task force members include:

  1. Rose Gamble, Tandy Professor of Computer Science Engineering
  2. Janet Haggerty, Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
  3. Scott Holmstrom, Professor of Physics
  4. Roger Kollock, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training/Exercise Sports
  5. Danielle Macdonald, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  6. Susan Neal, Vice President for Public Affairs and Executive Director for Gilcrease Museum
  7. Elana Newman, McFarlin Professor of Psychology
  8. Debbie Newton, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs
  9. Todd Otanicar, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Task Force Chair
  10. Richard Redner, Senior Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, ex-officio
  11. Cem Sarica, F.H. “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Energy Professor of Petroleum Engineering
  12. Jim Sorem, Dean of the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
  13. Robert Spoo, Chapman Distinguished Professor of Law
  14. Laura Stevens, Chapman Associate Professor of English
  15. Li Sun, Assistant Professor of Accounting