A quick guide to using utulsa connect - The University of Tulsa

A quick guide to using utulsa connect

Sign up for utulsa connect to network with over 700 professionals across 150 industries, 38 states, and 11 countries. This University of Tulsa student benefit offerglobal engagement for students in the form of our utulsa connect alumni mentoring platform. If you are one of the 400 students that have signed up for utulsa connect, you may be asking yourself, “I created my account, now what?” Remember, it is your job to contact your mentor. They are waiting for you to reach out! To correspond with your mentor, simply use the following tools:  

Filter Your Directory Search

On utulsa connect, you can filter your search to find mentors based on location, degree, graduation year, company and industry. Learn more about how to land your dream job using this important tool!  

Use our Suggested Mentors feature 

Having trouble finding a mentor that fits your career aspirations? Use our Find Your Mentor feature! utulsa connect will present you with mentors whose profiles best fit yours! 

Join a Group 

Join a community of utulsa connect users that share the same interest as you! We have groups for certain majors, industries and companies, as well as first-generation and veteran students/alumni! 

Visit utulsaconnect.com to join today!