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Recycling Unwanted Mattresses

The University of Tulsa makes every effort to recycle unwanted items and in 2015 began a partnership with LRP Recycling.

LRP is a nationwide furniture and mattress recycling company. It works with colleges and universities to find a green solution to unwanted furniture and mattresses from campuses around the country and to keeps those items out of landfills.

TU has recycled 277 mattresses to date for a total of 15,235 pounds of recycled material.

LRP removes the mattresses and disposes of them. The material is unloaded and sorted and all recyclable parts of broken down. Wood, steel, fabrics and foam are separated so that they can be sent to other vendors to create new products. The typical recycling rate for all materials that LRP handles is 90 percent or higher.

For more information about recycling on campus, please visit