High School Transfer Equivalencies - The University of Tulsa

High School Transfer Equivalencies

Students are only allowed to earn up to 36 semester hours of credit through a AP, IB, OSSM, and Union High School credit which is the maximum amount TU allows to be earned though credit by examination and/or equivalency courses at the high school level.

Below are a list of equivalencies that have been approved for certain high school work done at Union High School or the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.



The College of Engineering & Natural Sciences faculty approved the following OSSM courses and required minimum grade as appropriate for awarding college credit at The University of Tulsa. These courses must have been taken at the main OSSM campus in Oklahoma City to qualify for credit. Courses taken at virtual regional centers are not eligible for transfer credit.

OSSM CourseRequired GradeTU Equivalent CourseTransfer Credits
Calculus I80MATH 2014: Calculus I (4)4
Calculus II80MATH 2024: Calculus II (4)4
Multivariable Calculus80MATH 2073: Calculus III (3)3
Differential Equations80MATH 3073: Differential Equations (3)3
Physics/Lab (Mechanics)90PHYS 2053/2051: Gen. Physics I/Lab (4)4
Physics/Lab (Elec. & Mag)90PHYS 2063/2061: Gen. Physics II/Lab (4)4
Gen. Chemistry I/Lab80CHEM 1013/1011: Gen Chemistry I/Lab (4)4
Gen. Chemistry II/Lab80CHEM 1023/1021: Gen Chemistry II/Lab (4)4
Data Structures I and II80 (in both)CS 2003: Fundamentals of Algorithm & Computer Applications (3)3
General Zoology80BIOL 1603/1611: Inro. to Organismal & Evolutionary 4
Molecular & Cellular Biology80BIOL 1703/1711: Intro to Molecular & Cellular Biology/Lab (4)4



The College of Engineering & Natural Sciences faculty have approved the following Union High School courses and required minimum grade and AP credit as appropriate for awarding college credit at The University of Tulsa. The student must receive a grade of “A” or “B” in in both Calculus III and Differential Equations high school classes (which is a two semester sequence) AND pass the Calculus BC exam with a score of 3 or higher to receive credit for MATH 2014 and MATH 2024.

Union High School CourseRequired GradeTU Equivalent CourseTU Transfer Hours
Calculus IIIA or BMATH 20733
Differential EquationsA or BMATH 30733