Student Funds to Assist with Professional Presentations
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Student Travel Funds to Assist with Professional Presentations

The purpose of The University of Tulsa Student Travel Fund Program is to provide assistance for students to make presentations at professional meetings. It is hoped this grant program will stimulate more students to engage in research activities and to present their research at professional meetings. We encourage you to contact  Bonnie Medlicott at (918) 631-3264 if you have any questions.


Any graduate or undergraduate student is eligible to apply for support under this program provided he or she is enrolled in a course for which credit for research is given. These courses include Independent Study, Research, and Thesis or Dissertation. Students in Arts and Humanities are encouraged to consider the definition of “research” in light of their own discipline. Enrolled students who are involved in TURC or other University sponsored research programs are also eligible.


Completed application forms must be signed by the faculty adviser, the Department Chairperson, and the Collegiate Dean who administers the academic discipline in which the student is majoring. It must be accompanied by a copy of the email or acceptance letter of the paper for the professional meeting and a letter of recommendation from the Advisor.
If the presentation involves travel abroad, the applicant must register with the Center for Global Education (CGE) before the Student Travel grant can be finalized. Students must receive written permission from CGE for approval for international travel before incurring any reimbursable expenses.

Application Deadlines

Applications for financial support for professional presentations may be submitted throughout the year, but should be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the professional meeting. Completed applications with all required signatures should be submitted to Bonnie Medlicott for review.


Funding may be requested by a student to help defray expenses associated with a presentation at a professional meeting. These funds are expected to be supplemented by the department or college or both. Allowable expenses associated with a presentation at a professional meeting are travel, conference fees, or preparation of slides or posters for the presentation.

It should be clearly stated what the department’s and/or college’s contribution will be to the student’s research or presentation at a professional meeting.

Size of Grants

For undergraduates the maximum amount of an individual award associated with a poster presentation or a regional meeting is $200 and the maximum award for a paper presentation at a national or international meeting is $400. Graduate students may be awarded up to $600 for a single presentation at a professional meeting. This is also the maximum amount that can be received while a graduate student is in a single degree program. If a degree is awarded and a graduate student begins a new degree program, they are eligible for an additional $600.


When financial assistance is provided for expenses associated with a presentation at a professional meeting, an expense report must be filed shortly after the conclusion of the professional meeting. Reimbursements should be filed through your department as soon as possible and within no more than thirty (30) days, upon returning from the meeting. Requests for reimbursement submitted more than 30 days after the end of the meeting may not be approved.

Student Travel Funds to Assist With Professional Presentations