Funding Opportunities is the centralized portal, established by the Federal government, to provide a unified electronic source that will allow funding opportunity searches as well as proposal submission. The ORSP MUST download your proposal package and assemble it in our office.

There are 26 Federal grant-making agencies and over 900 individual grant programs that award over $350 billion in grants each year. provides:

  • A single source for funding opportunities
  • A standardized manner of locating and learning more about funding opportunities.
  • A single, secure and reliable source for applying for Federal grants online.
  • A simplified grant application process with reduction of paperwork.
  • A unified interface for all agencies to announce their grant opportunities, and for all grant applicants to find and apply for those opportunities.

Visit the website at The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is registered in on behalf of The University of Tulsa and its employees. Individuals should not register on, and a registration is not required to search and download funding opportunities.


Pivot (formerly Community of Science) is a robust tool and searchable database of nearly 2 million published scholars in a variety of disciplines. Pivot provides tools and services that enable these professionals to communicate, exchange information and find the people and technologies that are important to their work. The University of Tulsa is a member institution of Pivot. Our faculty, staff, administrators and students have free access to Pivot services and products.

Pivot has been recently redirected to a new URL: where all existing account/user data has been maintained.

For those with established accounts, please be sure to update any links you have to Pivot including from your websites, bookmarks and saved searches. For new users, once you enter this new website, there is a tutorial link on the right that will show you how to do a quick search. However, if you go to the link at the top to “sign up”, that will allow you to create your new Pivot account which makes this a much more robust tool. Then if you go to the tab for “profile”, this will give you a link to create a new profile (or claim an existing profile) which will allow you to receive alerts on funding opportunities. There is also a link to the Pivot Channel in YouTube accessing a variety of training modules. Contact Linda Golden at 631-3312 if you would like an individual training session, or if you forget your username or password.