Deadline Policy

Notify the Pre-Award group in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) as soon as you have identified a funding source and wish to begin developing a proposal. The Pre-Award group will need to be advised of the deadline and have a link to (or copy of) the funding announcement.

Also notify Pre-Award if you have been asked to participate in a proposal as a collaborator.  Sub-proposals must follow the same guidelines of the sponsor and procedures within the University.

Preliminary budgets should be submitted to the Office of Research ten (10) days in advance of the deadline. Any proposal which has matching requirements or cost sharing must be cleared with your Collegiate Dean and Director of Research and Sponsored Programs prior to budget preparation and submission. A copy of your internal budget should accompany the internal routing forms that must be signed by your Department Chair and Collegiate Dean to allow ample time to obtain other required signatures and final processing.

Final budgets and the final proposal should be completed and in the Pre-Award office at least five working days before the application deadline.