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Conflict of Interest in Research

Federal regulations, state laws and University policies recognize that researchers may have financial interests in research sponsors and/or in entities with business interests closely related to their research.

The term “conflict of interest in research” refers to situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise, or have the appearance of compromising a researcher’s professional judgment in conducting or reporting research.

Researchers must submit a conflict of interest form at the time of proposal submission for research funding. In those situations where a financial interest and possible conflict of interest is disclosed, a conflict of interest management plan must be prepared and approved by the researcher’s chair, dean, and the Vice Provost for Research prior to the submission of the proposal.

Researchers with projects proposed to and supported by the Public Health Service must abide by the PHS Conflict of Interest policy.

Contact: Debbie Newton, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs, at 918-631-2192.

Effective August 24, 2012, new requirements for Public Health Services (PHS) and related agencies became effective.  Information on this policy can be found at PHS Conflict of Interest Policy.