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Enhancement of Employee Whistleblower Protection

Enhancement of Contractor Protection from Reprisal for Disclosure of Certain Information (41 U.S.C. 4712) (“Program”) provides protections for employees of a contractor, subcontractor, grantee, subgrantee or personal services contractor (“employee”) against reprisal for disclosure of certain information in relation to federal grants and contracts.

The Program specifies that employers may not discharge, demote, or otherwise discriminate against an employee as reprisal for the employee disclosing information that the employee reasonably believes is evidence of:

  • Gross mismanagement of a Federal contract or grant;
  • A gross waste of Federal funds;
  • An abuse of authority relating to a Federal contract or grant;
  • A substantial and specific danger to public health or safety; or
  • A violation of law, rule or regulation related to a Federal contract (including the competition for or negotiation of a contract) or grant.

The Program provides protections only when the employee discloses the information to one of the following:

  • A Member of Congress or a representative of a committee of Congress;
  • An Inspector General;
  • The Government Accountability Office;
  • A Federal employee responsible for contract or grant oversight or management at the relevant Federal agency;
  • An authorized official of the Department of Justice or other law enforcement agency;
  • A court or grand jury; or
  • A management official or other employee of The University of Tulsa who has the responsibility to investigate, discover, or address misconduct.

If you believe there has been gross mismanagement of a federal contract or grant, gross waste of federal funds, an abuse of authority relating to a federal contract or grant, a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, or a violation of law, rule or regulation, or if you believe you have been retaliated against because you reported one of the activities above, please contact the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at 918-631-2554 or the Compliance Hotline:

The Program also provides a process for an employee to file a complaint where he or she believes that he/she has been retaliated against, as a result of disclosing information about a grant or contract to one of the people or agencies listed above. If the employee decides to file a complaint outside of The University of Tulsa, he/she may submit it to the Inspector General of the Federal agency that issued the contract or grant in which the alleged activity occurred. Such complaints must be filed within three years of the date of the alleged retaliation. To review more about the process and an employee’s rights and remedies, please read the statute here: