Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Training - The University of Tulsa

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Training

Training and Other Requirement to Work on Animal Protocols

Individuals proposing to conduct research on animals at The University of Tulsa or assisting in the animal care must complete one or more training courses at, in addition to other institutional trainings and requirements. All individuals working with animals must complete:

  • CITI Training Course: “Working with the IACUC” for PIs, Staff and Students
  • CITI Training Course: Any species specific courses must also be completed when applicable and available (i.e. “Working with Mice in Research”)
  • The University of Tulsa’s OSHA course, “Research and Laboratory Animal Care and Use”
    TU Faculty will have this course set up on their Harvey Account. Students will need to have this course set up on their Harvey account. Please contact or (918) 631-3310 to activate and access this training course.
  • Health Clearance Requirement:  Complete the University of Tulsa Health Assessment Form and make an appointment with the appropriate TU health clinic. TU students must use the AHC form and make an appointment with the Alexander Health Center (AHC). TU faculty and staff must use the HHC form and make an appointment with the Hurricane Health Clinic (HHC). You will be notified when you are cleared to work with animals.  If an additional evaluation is necessary before approval is granted, you will be contacted by the health clinic.
  • Current Tetanus Vaccination within the last ten years. If you do not have an up to date tetanus immunization, please contact the Hurricane Health Clinic (HHC) at 918-631-2974 for faculty and staff or the Alexander Health Center (AHC) at 918-631-2241 for TU students and an immunization will be provided.

IACUC Training Forms/Directions

If you have any questions on CITI Program training and other requirements, please contact the Coordinator of Research Compliance.

Contact: or (918) 631-3310