Radiation Safety Training - The University of Tulsa

Radiation Safety Training

The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at The University of Tulsa is responsible for ensuring that all individuals who work with or in the vicinity of radioactive materials and individuals working with or operating X-ray machines have sufficient training.

To become an authorized user of devices that produce X-rays or contain radioactive materials at The University of Tulsa, individuals are required to attend initial Radiation Safety training. Continuing status as an authorized user requires refresher training once a year. In most cases, training will be provided by the RSO and/or primary users, but in the case of new instrument purchases may be performed by the manufacturer.

Details of the radiation safety training requirement can be found in the program documents on the main Radiation Safety Program page, but if you have any questions please contact the Coordinator of Research Compliance or the RSO.

Contact: researchcompliance@utulsa.edu 918-631-3310
Contact: Scott Holmstrom, Radiation Safety Officer, at 918-631-2995