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Research projects and facilities

Many of TU’s research projects have evolved into centers and institutes, where our researchers can engage in in-depth and long-term study. These centers and institutes bring TU’s intellectual capital together in theoretical and practical applications.

Some of our centers and institutes are well established, working with industry partners for more than 40 years. This includes 13 consortia and joint industry projects collaborating with our engineering programs. They benefit from field-scale facilities at TU’s North Campus that serve as realistic laboratories for their experiments.

As new fields of science and technology open up, TU has added institutes that reflect the hybrid approach necessary for accurate investigation of these new areas. In 2007, TU added five new interdisciplinary institutes that have brought together researchers across the different colleges to tackle some of the most complex challenges of our time.

Facilities in the College of Engineering & Computer Science

Facilities in the College of Arts & Sciences

Facilities in the College Health Sciences