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Engineering & Computer Science Research

TU student working in an engineering lab

The signature feature of all TU engineering and computer science academic programs is the opportunity for undergraduate students to step into a laboratory and conduct pioneering, enlightening research. Our initiatives prepare students for post-graduate work and have contributed to many Goldwater and National Science Foundation student scholarships and awards.

Our students proudly represent the College of Engineering & Computer Science at TU’s annual Research Colloquium and in the university’s exclusive Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) program. Beyond campus, students are recognized for their innovative ideas and hard work with distinguished awards at technical conferences, research paper contests and other competitions.

In the summer, TU faculty devote hundreds of mentoring hours to students in other university research initiatives including:

Faculty in Research

Our approachable, accomplished faculty are some of the top researchers in their fields, using their leadership and dedication to help advance the College of Engineering & Computer Science. Through technical expertise and a caring spirit, TU faculty apply inspiring and fun research projects to cultivate students’ passion for learning.

Research Consortia

Dating back to the 1950s, TU faculty, students, and staff have worked to forge strong industry partnerships for research and development. As the fields of science and technology continue to advance, the College of Engineering & Computer Science is creating new institutes that apply a cross-disciplinary approach for meaningful, innovative research. Our college is home to the following research collaborations: