Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute - The University of Tulsa
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Oklahoma Photovoltaic Research Institute


  • To design, model and fabricate new generation of cost-effective photovoltaic (PV) cells
  • To foster interdisciplinary research between faculty and students in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering disciplines at TU, OU and OSU.
  • To share resources between three major research universities on PV research
  • To collaborate on PV research for attracting funding from private, state and federal agencies
  • To promote PV technology in Oklahoma
  • To pool resources and to develop joint projects between the three major research universities in Oklahoma

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Parameswar Hari (Department of Physics, University of Tulsa), Director
  • Dr. Ian Sellers (OU Department of Physics)
  • Dr. Toby Nelson (OSU Department of Chemistry)
  • Dr. Mario Borunda (OSU Physics Department), LSAMP outreach coordinator

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Matt Orosz (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Senior Researcher
    Dr. Orosz Provided valuable technical advice on ARPA-E (DOE) projects conducted by the institute members.
  • Dr. Al Hepp, NASA Glenn Research Center
    Dr. Hepp is the program manager for the two current NASA funded projects. Dr. Hepp provided suggestions and advice on our current and future research projects.
  • Dr. Raj Singh, Director OSU Helmerich Materials Research Center
    Dr. Singh has expressed strong interest in collaborative research with the PV institute and the OSU –Tulsa Materials research programs.
  • Dr. Louise C. Hirst, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory
    Dr. Hirst was awarded a National Research Council associateship position to continue her work on hot-carrier solar cell development. She now works on a variety of novel device concepts and materials for solar cell applications. Dr. Hirst has a specific interest in ultra-thin III-V photovoltaics with integrated nanophotonic structures, for radiation tolerance and space applications.

Members of the Institute by Affiliation

The University of Tulsa

  • Parameswar Hari, Ph.D.
  • Peter Hawrylak, Ph. D.
  • Gabriel LeBlanc, Ph.D.
  • Kenneth Roberts, Ph.D.

University of Oklahoma

  • Bayram Saparov, Ph. D.
  • Ian R. Sellers, Ph.D.
  • Bin Wang, Ph.D.
  • BinBin Weng, Ph.D.

Oklahoma State University

  • Mario F. Borunda, Ph.D.
  • Do Young Kim, Ph.D.
  • Dave McIlroy, Ph.D.
  • Andrew Yost, Ph.D.

Amethyst Corporation

  • Khalid Hossain