Laureate Institute for Brain Research - The University of Tulsa
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Laureate Institute for Brain Research

The Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) opened May 1, 2009, and currently houses a multidisciplinary team of scientists and clinical research staff who apply neuroimaging, genetic, pharmacological and neuropsychological tools to investigate the biology of neuropsychiatric disorders. The institute’s creation was supported by The William K. Warren Foundation for the purpose of conducting studies aimed at developing more effective treatments or prevention strategies for these disorders. The studies are led by scientists from diverse backgrounds, including physics, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, developmental neuroscience, computer science and genetics. Most of the investigators, including Scientific Director Dr. Martin Paulus, and Robin Aupperle, Justin Feinstein, Sahib Khalsa, Jonathan Savitz, Yoon-Hee Cha and Jennifer Stewart also hold faculty positions at The University of Tulsa in the Oxley College of Health Sciences.

TU undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to gain research experience in areas such as data collection and analysis, clinical assessment, neuroimaging and behavioral tasks and biomarker development at LIBR through volunteering, enrolling in independent study or work study. These experiences may be relevant for students with interests in psychology, medicine and nursing, neuroscience, biology, computer science, engineering and more. Interested students can contact LIBR investigators directly to inquire about opportunities within their labs. To inquire about opportunities to get involved with LIBR research studies, please email

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