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TURC Team Projects

Students interested in applying for a 2024 TURC Team Project (faculty-led) must secure the sponsorship of a faculty mentor. Students may only submit one application per year. Within one year, students may be funded only for a summer or for the academic year, but not for both. The TURC year runs from May through April.

For 2024, there are 53 Team Project opportunities, exploring fascinating topics that include the evolution of communication through the history of postcards; using artificial intelligence to improve firefighter readiness; the study of Alzheimer’s drugs and their effect on brain cancer; and using robots for archaeological science.

Interested students should email a letter of interest to the faculty leader of the project by Feb. 10, 2024. If the professor conveys willingness to sponsor their application, the student should then submit an application to the portal. The portal will be available via this web page by Feb. 10, 2024. The deadline for applications to the portal is March 4, 2024.

Current TURC Scholars are eligible to apply for a renewal of funding on the same project, or apply for admission to another project, if they can demonstrate measurable outcomes for the preceding year’s work.

2024 Team Projects Open Directory

Download the 2024 Team Projects Open Directory to read synopses of the 53 TURC projects planned for 2024-25.

2024 TURC Project Directory