The TURC experience - The University of Tulsa

The TURC experience

Intensive, mentored research, and creative endeavor are at the heart of the TURC Experience.

Through close work with a faculty mentor, either as part of a larger team or in one-on-one partnership, TURC Scholars have the opportunity to become fully participating members of their chosen field at an early stage of their education. Scholars learn research methods or creative practice by doing. With the guidance of faculty mentors, participants conduct original and intellectually significant research within their various disciplines. They present papers at national conferences, write articles with their co-investigators that are published in academic journals, give exhibits and performances for creative work, and initiate service projects with a broad and meaningful impact on the community.

Over the quarter-century of this program’s existence, many TURC scholars have moved on from the program to be offered prestigious internships, win nationally competitive fellowships, earn advanced degrees in elite graduate programs, or pursue exciting, successful careers in academia, government, and industry.

How TURC works

After they are admitted to the program, TURC Scholars commit to a summer of intensive research or to sustained research over the academic year. All TURC Scholars receive a stipend to provide them with financial support for the duration of their project. In the year following their TURC award, they have the opportunity to apply for matching funds from TURC if they are awarded Student Research Grants or Student Travel Funds to Assist with Professional Presentations from the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

TURC Scholars also attend workshops and seminars on topics including research ethics, writing grant applications, preparing for creative and research presentations, and exploring research-intensive careers. These events prepare TURC Scholars for a range of exciting opportunities while also connecting them with a larger campus-wide community of intellectually ambitious students across all disciplines.


TURC Scholars are required to give a public presentation of their research or creative inquiry, either at the annual TURC Summer Research Showcase or at the Spring Research Colloquium. They may additionally have opportunities to give presentations at national conferences with their faculty mentors, participate in collaborative scholarly publication, or join in patent applications. They are also expected to make a substantive commitment to community service.