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TURC Junior Scholars Program

Attention Tulsa Area High School Counselors

The deadline for Junior TURC Scholars has been extended to Monday, April 22.

The TURC Junior Scholars Program recognizes high school juniors with outstanding potential for a career in research by providing opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects. The program builds upon the nationally recognized Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge (TURC) program and includes in-depth work with a research team, access to modern instrumentation and potential opportunities to participate in the research dialogue through publications and presentations. Download the printable 2019 version of the TURC JSP Info Sheet.



Benefits of Being a TURC Junior Scholar

TURC Junior Scholars are immersed in a research atmosphere that is usually reserved for graduate students. Each scholar works with a faculty research mentor and research team on a nationally significant research project. In addition to working closely with a faculty mentor, each scholar is paired with a TURC undergraduate mentor who has considerable experience with the project from a student’s point of view. A range of modern equipment is available to support the research – such as facilities for materials fabrication, modern chemical and biological analysis facilities, and electron microscopy resources that are among the best in the southwest. TURC Junior Scholars participate in summer research presentations and are invited to TURC lectures and functions during the academic year.

Junior Scholar Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for the summer 2019 program span a range of disciplines and involve a variety of time commitments. At this time, we anticipate providing opportunities related to the following project areas:

  • Viral Diseases and genome characterization of viruses.
  • Biochemistry of disease
  • Reaction discovery and development, Organic Chemistry
  • Chemical Compatibility of 3D Printed Parts., 3D Printing
  • Design and development of devices to aid persons with disabilities
  • Experimental nanotechnology
  • Explore the publishing world while also digging into the works of James Joyce
  • Art, gaming, sports, writing, creativity in program development, Oklahoma Center for Humanities
  • Stability of sports supplements

Responsibilities of a TURC Junior Scholar

The summer research experience is intensive and each scholar is expected to participate five full days per week (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for the duration of the program. Applicants should be aware of the requirements and time commitments when they apply.

Program Duration

The research experience may be six, eight or 10 weeks in duration, depending upon the needs of the scholar and the mentor. Generally speaking, all TURC projects will be scheduled in June and July 2019.

Requirements for Applicants

  • Applicants must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA in a rigorous high school curriculum.
  • Applicants must have a composite ACT score of at least 28 or a combined score of at least 1260 on the critical reading and math portions of the SAT.
  • Applicants must receive approval from their school to participate in the program. Download the 2019 TURC JSP School Approval Form.
  • Other requirements are listed on the TURC Junior Scholars application form.

Program Details

Application Procedure

Access the 2019 TURC JSP application form here.

Decisions on Applications

All applications will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee, and decisions will be based on merit, taking into account all information provided by applicants.


This is a zero-credit non-residential program; therefore, there is no tuition. Each scholar will be responsible for his or her own housing, transportation and personal expenses.