Safely working from home

Maintaining a secure working environment at home can be challenging, but with a few simple steps, you can make sure that you are staying safe while working at home.

5 tips to stay safe while working at home

  1. Be careful! Attackers may call you, email, you show up at your door looking to trick you into doing something on your computer. Be extra careful on suspicious requests.
  2. It is important that you only use a University computer to access sensitive data (student data, grades, financial, etc.). If you do not have a University computer/laptop, talk with your system support to enable remote access to your office computer from home.
  3. The University network has many protections that you may not have on your home network, and attackers know this! Make sure that your home wireless router is up to date, has good passwords, and that you know who is connecting to your network.
  4. Make sure your computer is up to date on its patches, is running end-point protection (anti-virus, malware protection, etc.). Some of our automatic computer update processes do not work on “computers at home”, so you may need to manually check your computer for updates.
  5. Do not let other’s use your work computer at home. Access by family members, guests, etc. can be considered a breach of university data.

For more information here are 5 additional steps, recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to work Securely from home.