September CIO Updates - The University of Tulsa

September CIO Updates

pop-up help deskThe University of Tulsa’s 2019-20 school year is in full-swing and your IT team is thankful to play even the smallest role in serving and supporting our vibrant campus. Thank you!

We increased our visibility as the semester start ramped up and, soon after, we identified ways we might continuously improve in these areas for our students, faculty and staff.


  • Action: Opened Help Desk in McFarlin Library
    Learned: Keep an eye on hours of service, expansion likely
  • Action: IT presence during move-in
    Learned: Target specific, most useful hours next year

We will continue to find ways to make a positive impact and improve as we experience and re-envision ‘the next time’. That’s right – we’re keeping score!

Realigning for YOU

One of the biggest challenges of any IT organization is staying abreast of our user needs and ensuring our structure is aligned to best meet those needs. The University of Tulsa’s IT team will keep moving in line with the pace of technology, campus need and overarching strategy. Please keep an eye on the jobs page of the TU website and recommend IT openings to peers, colleagues, friends and family.

Feedback Please!

Please click this link to participate in a brief one question, two text field survey sharing your feedback on our department’s proposed Mission Statement. In order for our folks to know where we’re going (and why), we need to make sure that we’ve set clear expectations and a strong declaration on our basic departmental mission will help.

Proposed Mission Statement:

The Division of Information Technology is driven to achieve excellence through the design, development, and application of information technology in support of learning, teaching, research, service, and the facilitation of University business consistent with TU’s mission.

Again, please share feedback here:

My Favorite Thing for September

Never underestimate the tools and apps that we have at our fingertips within the TU Office 365 suite of products. I never thought I would become a Microsoft evangelist, but the Bookings app met a legitimate, crucial need this week and we had no idea it existed. Watch this video and see how the Bookings application might help in your meetings-heavy office environment:

TU owns the Office 365 suite – find out what’s there and use it all!

Each month I will share progress we’ve made, roadblocks we’ve encountered, integrations we’ve built and everything in between. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Current CIO Initiatives:

  • In search of: Room scheduling tool, ‘data warehouse’ future strategy, digital repository
  • In pilot: Panic button trial
  • How can we help: ConnectTU app, Slate expansion, engage with academic areas
  • Developing in IT: Governance structure, improved policy/procedure environment, strategic plan, hiring of key personnel, audit requirements

To all I’ve met on the University of Tulsa campus, thank you for the warm welcome. For those I’ve yet to meet, I can’t wait to learn how we in Information Technology can best support you. This is only the beginning of our IT transformation journey and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Have a wonderful fall,
Paige Francis
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer