Winter fun under the sun: Campus edition - The University of Tulsa

Winter fun under the sun: Campus edition

By: Matthew Sexter

I distinctly remember the overwhelming excitement that overtook me as I woke up on a Wednesday morning to see that The University of Tulsa’s campus was entirely covered under a blissful blanket of snow. I wasted no time jumping into the biggest jacket I could find in my wardrobe and joining my friends outside to partake in glorious snowball wars, building gargantuan snowmen and sledding down the ginormous hill outside of the Reynolds Center.

The University of Tulsa campus covered in snow
Dietler Commons looking charming blanketed in snow

This was easily one of the most fun-filled days I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t imagine this snow day being this magical anywhere except at my home away from home at TU! Too bad it melted after just one day.

Fifteen University of Tulsa freshman students in a room
Me and a group of other freshmen surprising fellow student Hailyn Sandres

During this second semester of my freshman year, my classes have definitely amped up in difficulty. But I have absolute confidence that this challenge is nothing I cannot handle. This is because of the bountiful resources at TU, which have always been easily accessible and endlessly useful in ensuring successful outcomes in all of my classes.

Matthew Sexter with Ellis Brown and Namera Newaz after they won the Mr. and Ms. International talent show
Me with Ellis Brown and Namera Newaz after they won the Mr. and Ms. International talent show at TU

For example, the Center for Student Academic Success (CSAS) took out a lot of the stress of studying for my math midterm and final exam by quickly putting me in touch with a 1-on-1 tutoring session. The staff at McFarlin Library were also an invaluable resource while I composed the final research paper for one of my classes. Without these resources at my disposal, the amount of time and energy I would’ve expended, in merely these two classes, would’ve been tenfold.

As second-semester midterms rapidly approach, I take solace in knowing that the bountiful resources, approachable faculty and supportive friends I have met here at TU will have my back – and vice versa!

The word smile written in green on white snow
Something to smile about

It happened while we were all asleep, Snow had fallen—six feet deep.
The temperature was ten below.
All the roads were blocked with snow. “No school today,” the radio said. “Stay at
home in your cozy bed. So, I quickly dressed and jumped on my sled.”
-Carolyn Yacowitz


Matthew Sexter is a first-year student at The University of Tulsa pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree. He is an avid automotive enthusiast, sci-fi binge-watcher and global traveler.