Standing Together as a Community (employee/student email) - The University of Tulsa

Standing Together as a Community (employee/student email)

Today, a jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty in the murder of George Floyd. I know this verdict does not fix the harm, anger and sorrow many of us in our communities have felt over the past year — a year in which racial inequity has been at the forefront of our minds – but we are hopeful it does represent a small step toward justice.

While reflecting on the outcome of this murder trial, it is important to understand what we all, individually, can do to create a more equitable and inclusive community here at TU and in Tulsa. As an institution of higher learning, we have a crucial role, one we play in many ways from our Diversity Training and Bias Response team – composed of students, faculty and staff and charged with cultivating a more equitable and inclusive campus community through education and accountability measures – and through our series of Town Hall meetings, Campus Conversations and educational events and programs.

Although we are making some progress, it is not enough – and it will take all of us. We must do more to build momentum, together, so we can truly become the diverse, inclusive and just community we all deserve. Please visit our diversity website for information on activities and TU’s commitment to equity for all.


Janet K. Levit
Interim President

Kelli McLoud-Schingen
Vice President for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion