Adding Comments on Flags - The University of Tulsa

Adding Comments on Flags

Starfish allows you to easily document your interactions with students regarding raised flags via Comments. Comments are viewable to those with permission to view the flag. In addition to the note being viewable by others you can send a copy of the comment to yourself, the student, and the flag raiser via email.

  1. To document a Comment, hover over the flag icon Starfish Flag Icon and click the Comment button Starfish Comment Button Icon
  2. Add a Subject and Note (Comment)
    1. Create Comment dialog box with example textComments provide the ability to document and send notification (if desired) of what is happening with a raised flag. Examples include but are not limited to:
      • Communication attempts (email, phone call, etc.) with student
      • Notes regarding response or lack of response from student
  3. Check the parties you would like to send a copy of the Comment. Emails will be sent to those parties.
  4. Click Submit when you are ready to document the comment.