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Give Kudos

Starfish not only allows for the reporting of concerns, but also allows for instructors and staff to acknowledge positive progress and achievements of students by giving Kudos. Like raising a flag, to-do, or referral, Kudos can be sent very easily.

Click on the Students navigation item to see your list of students. Find the desired student by typing the name into the Search box.

Click on the student’s name to bring up the Student Folder.

Red box around student name in search list

Click on Kudos button from the top menu.

Select the type of Kudos you would like from the drop down menu. Specify a course, if applicable.

In the comments box, highlight the accomplishments, improvements, or performance of the student.

  • The comments box is the most critical piece of this kudos.
  • Students will receive an email with the details you enter in this box. Make every attempt to address the student personally and continue the sentence, Kudos To You For…
  • See example below.

Dear Jeanna,

Kudos To You For…

receiving the Calice Memorial Scholarship! I am so happy that you were recognized for your hard work and accomplishments. Congratulations!


Professor Rebecca Lawson

Click Save to create the kudos in the student folder and send the message to the student.