How to Clear a Flag - The University of Tulsa

How to Clear a Flag

While Instructors are the primary source of raised flags in Starfish, outreach will be performed by campus support professionals and students can work with the individual they feel most comfortable with to discuss flags. Thus, a support professional who interacts with a student may decide that the Starfish flag can be considered “resolved.” It is helpful if those that “resolve” a flag with the student mark it as such and “close the loop” in the Starfish system. This action updates the student’s folder and keeps everyone informed of outreach results.

Here is the process for clearing flags and referrals:

  • Log into Starfish and click on the menu button. Starfish Top Navigation Menu (Hamburger menu) Navigate to your Students tab and select Tracking.
  • Select the Tracking tab. This will pull up a list of all active tracking items for your students. You can filter by various criteria. For example, using the “Connections” drop down menu, you can select a specific course. Under the “View” drop down, you can select “Created By Me” to resolve flags you have submitted.

Clear flags demo with red circles around the Tracking tab, the Created by Me view filter, the select student(s) checkbox, and Resolve button.

  • When you have identified which flag you want to clear for a student, check the box (or multiple boxes) in the list and select “Resolve” at the top.
  • Clear flag for student with red circles over reasons to select, Comment box, and Close the Loop options.You will be prompted to select a reason for clearing the flag. You can also add a comment with further details. This is beneficial for your record keeping and for other staff who have access to view student flags. A box can be checked to send the comments to the student, if appropriate.
  • This will “resolve” the flag and it will no longer appear as an active tracking item to you, the student, or any other service providers who work with the student.
  • To review flags that you have cleared, simply return to the same screen and sort for “Active and Resolved” items in the View sorting bar.