Scheduling Appointments - The University of Tulsa

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments can be scheduled through the Appointments tab or the Student’s File. If you schedule an appointment through the “Appointments” tab you will need to specify the specific student with
whom you are scheduling an appointment. Scheduling through the student’s file will automatically populate that student into the With field of the Add Appointment window.

Click the Add Appointment button Starfish Add Appointment Button from the menu bar at the top of the page. The Add Appointment window will open.

Example of Add Appointment Window

In the Add Appointment window you’ll fill out the following on the Scheduling tab:

  • When (date, start time, and end time)
  • Where (location – per the locations you have made available in your appointment preferences)
  • Reason (the type of meeting you’re scheduling; e.g. advising, accommodations, success coaching, etc.)

*The Reason will determine which roles within the system can see the SHARED appointment.

  • Sharing
    • SHARED will allow specific roles in the system to view the appointment, outcome notes, and speednotes. A list of the roles that can view the appointment will display at the bottom of the window once a REASON has been selected.
    • PRIVATE will allow only those users that are designated as one of your calendar managers to view the appointment.

Click Submit when you’re ready to schedule the appointment. If there are no scheduling conflicts with your calendar (Starfish and/or your synced calendar) you and the student will both receive emails about the scheduled appointment. If there are any scheduling conflicts a notification will pop up and the appointment will not be scheduled.