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Setting Appointment Preferences

Starfish allows you to make blocks of time available on your Starfish calendar and permits students to self-schedule. When a student selects a day/time you will both get email confirmation. You can adjust your availability at any time and have multiple locations (office/phone/Teams/Collaborate/Zoom).

Students can only schedule an appointment at times you indicate are available by adding office hours or group sessions. The Office Hours option is geared toward setting up a recurring block of time on a regular pattern such as weekly or daily at a certain time. If you want to set up a group of Office Hours that are less structured, use the Scheduling Wizard.

Starfish Top Navigation Menu (Hamburger menu)Before you begin establishing appointments, you need to set up your Appointment Preferences. Click on the Starfish Navigation Tool. Click on your name and then select Appointment Preferences.


The Basics section allows you to manage your office hour blocks. You can change these whenever you add a block of office hours.

  • Select a value for Minimum Appointment Length. Starfish recommends 15 minutes. This allows the student to schedule with you on the 15, 30, 45, and hour mark. The reason the student selects will reflect the length of the meeting. This will be used as the default when you set up new Office Hours. (Your institution settings for specific appointment reasons may override your selection when a student makes an appointment).
  • Select a radio button and specify the specific value to define your Scheduling Deadline. The deadline is imposed based on the start time of any office hour blocks vs an individual time slot. If set to ‘None,’ a student may schedule an appointment with you right up to the time slot.
  • Check the box to “Allow drop-ins after deadline has passed” if you wish to include a note in your calendar letting students know that they cannot schedule but can walk into your office after the scheduling deadline has passed.View of Starfish Appointment Preferences Basics

My Locations

The My Locations section allows you to enter one or more locations for your meetings with students. Meetings can be in an office, online, over the phone, or anywhere else you’d like. When you build your calendar availability and add Office Hours, you will have the opportunity to select which of these locations apply to each set of hours.

  • Select Add Location. A new window displays.
  • Select the Type of location, enter a descriptive Name and enter any relevant Instructions.
    Note: Students will see this information when scheduling an appointment for office hours that have been designated for this location.
  • When you are finished, select Save. Repeat this process to add any additional meeting locationsStarfish My Locations section of Appointment Preferences .