Setting Flexibly Scheduled Office Hours - The University of Tulsa

Setting Flexibly Scheduled Office Hours

Starfish allows you to make blocks of time available on your Starfish calendar and permits students to self-schedule. When a student selects a day/time you will both get email confirmation. You can adjust your availability at any time and have multiple locations (office/phone/online).

Using the Scheduling Wizard

If you do not have static office hours or if you need a more flexible and fluid scheduling option, the Scheduling Wizard can be utilized. This feature is particularly useful for advising weeks, midterm course meetings, or other scenarios where you need to hold several different office hour sessions for students within a week or two.

The Scheduling Wizard button is located on the menu bar found on the Home or Appointments tabs.

Red circle around Scheduling Wizard button found on Homepage and Appointment screens within Starfish.

  • Enter the Title, Location (Where?), Duration (How long?) and the appropriate appointment type.
  • Enter any instructions that apply to all the appointments scheduled.
  • Click the Next button.

View of Starfish Office Hours Scheduling Wizard

The Date and Time page of the wizard is displayed using a Monday through Friday grid for the current week.

  • The date range is displayed in the top right corner of the grid.
  • Use the < > controls to the right of the date range to navigate to the week in which you want to begin scheduling the office hours.

Red box around daily block grid. Red circle around arrow controls to navigate between weeks.In the selected week, enter the start and end times for each block in the appropriate day columns. You can schedule multiple office hour blocks on any day within the week.

To add blocks to another week, use the < > controls to move to the next week. Don’t select finish until you’ve entered all the blocks! Select Finish to create all the office hour blocks. A summary window displays the days and times you have established appointments.

Now you can direct students to self-schedule!