Setting Regularly Recurring Office Hours - The University of Tulsa

Setting Regularly Recurring Office Hours

Starfish allows you to make blocks of time available on your Starfish calendar and permits students to self-schedule. When a student selects a day/time you will both get email confirmation. You can adjust your availability at any time and have multiple locations (office/phone/Teams/Collaborate/Zoom).

To add an office hour block, open the left navigation menu Starfish Top Navigation Menu (Hamburger menu) and click on the Appointments tab.

Click the Office Hours button. Starfish Office Hours Button

  • Edit the options for day, time, etc. Remember, these will be repeating appointments so select the recurrence option carefully. You will also want to set an end date.
  • Specify the location of appointments such as your office, phone, etc. Additional locations can be added through your Appointment Preferences.
  • Select appointment type(s) and enter specific instructions that you want to send students that schedule with you.
  • Click Submit to save your office hours.

Example of the Add Office Hours window